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Why Choose Merit?

Better Patient Care!    

Left untreated, sleep disorders may be hampering your ability to

effectively treat your patients’ other conditions such as: Diabetes, 

Hypertension, Heart Disease, Weight Loss, Sexual Dysfunction, ADHD

Greater Patient Satisfaction!  

Merit tailors its services to meet the specific needs and expectations of your practice and patients.  Merit follows AASM guidelines for split night studies eliminating the need for patients to return a second time for the titration study in most cases.  Our satisfaction survey scores average over 98% satisfaction rates!

Faster Scheduling and Interpretation Results!  

Patients can be studied within one week and have a choice of over
three convenient locations.  Interpretation results are back to your practice within 5-7 business days or 24 hours if stat results are required!

Integrated Continuum of Care! 

At your direction and request, patients can be immediately setup by
​Merit’s affiliate, Merit Sleep Technologies, on CPAP or Bi-Level services as indicated by the results of the sleep study and titration.

More Practice Revenue!   

If you simply screen your own patients for sleep disorders and you provide the pre/post sleep study consultations, your practice can bill for and receive additional reimbursement through your existing   patient base!  Let Merit’s experts help educate your billing department at no charge!

Keep Your Patients within Your Practice!  

Most of your patients can be treated by your practice without the need to refer them to an outside specialist.  Let Merit provide clinical sleep education to your clinical team at no charge!