Additionally, Merit Center for Sleep Health is proud to own and operate Chicagoland’s first free-standing diagnostic sleep testing center dedicated to pediatric and adolescent sleep medicine.
Merit also provides comprehensive sleep therapy and state-of-the-art equipment for the treatment 
of sleep disorders through its sleep medical equipment division, Merit Sleep ​Technologies.

Merit Centers for Sleep Health are equipped to diagnose over 100 known sleep disorders in our broad network of free-standing, state-of-the-art sleep centers featuring private bedroom/bathroom suites. Built and operated to meet and exceed the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s standards (the industry’s “gold standard” of care) and conveniently located throughout Chicagoland, Merit Centers for Sleep Health and our partners provide patients with quality, comfort, privacy and safety. 

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Sleep deprivation can be enormously debilitating and is linked to a number of serious medical
conditions including:  Heart disease, Stroke, High blood pressure, Diabetes, 
Depression, Difficulty losing weight, Weight gain

Living with a sleep disorder can interfere with your performance at home, school or work and
can even affect your relationships with family and friends.  In most cases, sleep disorders can be
easily ​managed once they are properly diagnosed.  Is your health at risk because of a sleep